Spending Fast – Day 8

Yesterday was a delightful spring day here in Michigan. My husband and I toured the local greenhouses while the kids were at school. This year we decided not to get the annuals because we spent so much in flowers and plants last year. We were tired of having to pay again and again each year.

So instead we bought 3 perennials. Just enough to stop up most of the bare areas of the flower garden. I really wanted to buy a whole flat of perennials, but knew we didn’t need that many.

Since we got the flowers right from the flower grower they were a lot less expensive. Plus we got to pet their little horse and see the rabbits, pheasants and sheep.

Each year I struggle with whether flowers are a necessity or not. I come from a big gardening family and I think it’s in the blood. The beauty of flowers nurture me and we actually save money with the vegetable garden.

Flowers also remind me not to hold on to things. Flowers are beautiful for a few days then they fade. We cannot hold onto or control how long they bloom. All we can do is await new lovely flowers.

In the evening my daughter was trying to get me to take us out to dinner. I really wanted to, I didn’t feel like cooking. So we compromised.  I asked her what she felt like eating and she decided on chicken, so we cooked that up instead.