Spending Fast Days 8-14

Monday: Spent nothing

Tuesday: Meijers for marching shoes for Jon. Wanted to go out to eat, but bought pizza at Meijers to throw in the overn

Wednesday: My husband bought us treats at the Tulip Time Parade my son was marching in. Didn’t buy anything at the Jars of Clay concert that night with my son (5th row front and center, tickets from my church, bought cheaply last month)

Thursday: Grocery shopping. Used the grocery game . Target for medicine and cereal and pots for my herb garden we are moving from the garden to the pots. Resisted books, magazines and an organizer

Friday: Kid’s allowances

Saturday: took in-laws to dinner, Jeff rented a tiller to turn over garden. Used the smaller one to save money. Bought plants and seeds for garden.

Sunday: Bought Sunday paper