Spending Fast – Final

Well, I was out sick for a week so that helped the spending. I ate mostly out of the pantry. My spending was a lot less than usual for groceries.

On Memorial Day my mother-in-law took me and my daughter to Grand Rapids shopping. I ended up getting a lovely blouse at a store we don’t have here and 3 perfect camis. I also bought two magazines which I didn’t need to buy.

Lesson- don’t go to a shopping mall when you are on a spending fast.

I also bought some perennials for a new flower garden we made to replace a dying bush.

I slipped up a few times with my spending fast, but I consider it a success. I spent far less than usual, learned much of the things I say I “need” I forget about within a week, and was able to get the kids some summer courses they wanted and paid off the fridge.