30 Day Spending Fast

Monday I was doing some vacation planning. I bought as many tickets online as I could, so I don’t have to stand in line. Most things are free there, but some you can still get online for a $1.50 processing fee. And my daughter and I were browsing restaurants we wanted to go to. Our little town is not very diverse food wise.

I bought a little food for dinners staying on my shopping list, Monday. And Tuesday we got some travel supplies and toiletries from Walgreens. I have to admit. I also got a lip gloss.

How are you doing? Do you see any shifts in how you think about spending?

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  • Jane

    The husband & I go to pretty much the same place for vacations – the Florida Keys. Anyways, we have gone enough now to know what we truly need to bring & what not to bring. We always stay at a condo so we can cook most of our own meals (local caught seafood, etc).

    I ended up making a checklist of the items we know we need to bring with us which in turn cut waaay down on the number of rogue purchases I would tend to do in a pre-vacation spending frenzy years ago.

    I’m always surprised at how often & how many folks that run out & darn near buy a completely new wardrobe just for a vacation. Unless I’m truly lacking in something (i.e. swimsuit) then I rarely buy new clothes just for a vacation. I’d rather have the extra cash that I would have spent on clothes to go on an extra dive outting.

  • Mary

    I booked 2 short stay trips online using the date flexibility option on the hotel’s website so I got very good rates. We are going to Mystic Seaport in Conneticut for 2 two night stays during the summer. I asked for a refrigerator in the comment section siting my diabetes as the reason (which I do have.) We know where the local supermarkets are since we’ve been there many times when my daughter was younger. We really couldn’t afford any vacation a few years ago. We were drowning in mortgage payments. We were fortunate to sell in 2010 and buy a much smaller house for cash. It was a real fixer upper that still needs more fixing. We lived in the apartment above the detached garage for about 6 months. The apartment is now income producing. We feel blessed that this worked out for us.
    As far as spending, I’ve been fasting except I dropped my daughter and her friend off at the mall on Saturday and made the mistake of going in. I spent $12.00 on a hair pony tail holder with fake hair on it for myself. I quickly got out of the mall after that.
    I donated 5 bags of clothes to a homeless Veteran organization this week.

  • Pat Watson

    I would like to see Janes packing list for her Florida Keys trip. I find those so helpful. When I travel somewhere I always try to make a list when I unpack my suitcase and see all the stuff I didn’t use on the trip.

  • Maggie

    I know you are getting excited about your trip to Washington, DC. There are so many things you can do that do not cost anything but the Metro ride to get there. Be sure to bring really good walking shoes and plan on hiking a lot. The WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln and Jefferson, and Korean memorials are worth the hike. Also, take the Capital tour and get your Congressman to get you tickets to the White House. I know you will have a wonderful time here. I live just across the river in Arlington, VA and love to have company come so I can visit the monuments again. My daughter is coming next week with her two children and we are taking a boat trip down to Mount Vernon. We have done this several times before but it is always a treat. If you have time, this is a great trip. After, we will enjoy the all you can eat buffet at Phillips Seafood Restaurant just down the street from where the boat docks.
    Anyway, Beth, just want to wish you a terrific journey. Don’t forget sunscreen – there’s not much shade on the Mall.

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