30 Day Spending Fast

More was spent than I would have liked. My daughter needed a swim suit, hat and a couple pair of capris for our trip. And sandals for graduation. I ended up buying an extra shirt for her and a shirt for me as well. Instead of talking myself out of those shirts, I talked myself into them. "They fit so well. Great color. And they are on clearance, so aren’t expensive at all."

I’m glad we don’t have to go clothes shopping for anything else before our trip.

At Walgreens, I only bought what was on my list – mainly medications.

So where are you struggling?

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  • Sharon

    Fast food is my spending downfall. Between work, kids, husband, dogs, keeping house, volunteering at church, volunteering at school and all those little things in between (not to mention my utter dislike of cooking), Fast food seems like such a great helpline although I know that I know that I know that fast food is so bad, expensive, unhealthy, and addicting.

  • Beth

    Sharon, what I have found that helped me to most is to have some things in the freezer that are easy to cook like pierogies, ravioli or pizza. Or items I doubled when I cooked. I am not fond of cooking myself.

  • Mary

    Those are great ideas Beth. I work full time and I’m not really into cooking. I’ve been carrying a limited amount of cash with me so that I can’t spend much. I only allow myself to buy coffee from Dunkin Dounuts once or twice a week since I’ve been on the spending fast. Oh and I’ve been keeping off of some of my favorite shopping websites.

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