Spending Fast ~ Recap


30 Day Spending Fast

Stamps and gasoline are the only things I bought the past three days.

As I look back, on the 30 Day Spending fast to only buy necessities, I know I saved quite a bit of money. I bought many less books than I might have. I bought one shirt instead of a few when I took my daughter clothes shopping. I stayed away from browsing and garage saling (Except for that one day).

Was it perfect? No way.

Was it a success? Yes – I saved extra money for vacation. And didn’t buy clutter.

How did the spending fast go for you?


  • Mary says:

    I stayed away from impulsive purchases at CVS on the weekends. I recently realized that those quick $65 trips in wasted a lot of cash. I bought garden items such as plants, mulch, etc as planned. I also waited on making those purchases to think about them a little bit more. As a result I bought less and got some later in the season sales. I also threw out catalogues and made progress on decreasing clutter. Seeing how much I had made me resistant to buying more. I organized my closet better and I’m realizing that I still have much usable clothing. We are in better financial shape going into June. I’m going to use some of that $ as a deposit towards a 2 weeks of horse back riding camp for my daughter.

  • We Weyants says:

    LOVE this idea! Starting it NOW – not even waiting until the logical 1st day of the month! Will keep you posted. Thank you!

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