Spending Fast ~ The Weekend


30 Day Spending Fast

We went to the greenhouse to pick up plants this weekend. I always wrestle with this one because my spending fasts are always in May.

But, this is the time of year to get them if I want them growing.

Unfortunately since the greenhouse is a ways away we stopped by a restaurant to eat dinner.

We also stopped by Walgreens for paper products. And only got paper products. Big win for me 🙂

Sunday after my choir concert I did grocery shopping for the week.

And I deleted an email from Barnes and Noble. I will not buy books this month. I will not buy books this month.

I find weekends to be the trickiest. How did your weekend go?


  • Maggie says:

    Spending fast – my weekend. Went to Farmers’ Market Saturday morning and only got the 4 things on my list – kale, strawberries, muffins and Pomorola sauce.
    Hit the grocery after and left off 4 things and got one thing not on the list. Almost everything was on sale and with coupons and the store card, I saved the highest percentage ever, for me. 29%. Now that summer is coming, we will be not eating a hot meal every single day. I fix sandwiches or subs or veggie and cold cut platters or salads every other day. Saves money and we don’t need to eat meat everyday. With all the good produce at the markets these days it is easy. Also, did spend a few dollars at the nursery since for us, this is the time to plant impatiens and shrubs, too.
    Still, a good, limited spending weekend and our son took us out to breakfast for Mother’s Day so we did not even have to spend money for that.
    I bring my lunch everyday and only get an iced tea in the morning. The spending fast really makes me think about things before I take out the checkbook.

  • Linda DeMars says:

    Since I have in the house resting after an experience with a medicine that didn’t what they meant it to, but just the opposite. I have been spending nothing myself and ask my husband to buy ice, trash bags (7 ready for AKF tomorrow) and canned food for the cats. (He got a few more things.

    Friend bought us food in the first week I got home, and I still have sliced chicken from Rotissorie Chicken (chicken curry), two or three grilled chicken breats (some for stirfry, rest for either sliced cold chicken with salad or in salad, or both), left over bit of ham (Quiche with hame and green veggies) lettuce, green vegetables, potatoes, 2 or 3 pieces of leftover corn and a great salad from my DIL, fruit and jello, rolls. All I need is to get some tomatoes, 2 prescriptions and some cough drops, plus a scrunchie to help me get my hair up.

    I did take my SIL out to breakfast plus my son with DS. They have been so good about helping with A since I was sick . So I took them to a neighborhood restaurant where I had a groupon: pay $10 and get a $20 meal. The meal for 3 of us was $1.76 so I gave the waitress $4 since she was so nice about giving me a table and coffee and letting me wait for them (traffic was just brutal).

    Linda D

  • Beth says:

    Hope you are feeling better Linda! Thank goodness for good friends.

    Maggie, our farmer’s market opens Saturday. I can’t wait!

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