Spending Fast Wrap Up

I bought gas $45.00 worth during Memorial Day weekend – ouch.

And we bought groceries – mainly produce.

I’ve managed to buy no books or magazines this month. That was a struggle.

Bought a lot less junk food than usual.

I got the most savings by not buying things for the house. My pussy willow branches and glass jar of sea shells are more beautiful than most of the things I would buy.

I didn’t see much savings however, since my husband’s ’89 Mustang needed a new exhaust and gas prices were through the roof. But, we had enough to deal with things as they came because I had cut back spending.

Often times are emergencies that end up on the credit card could have been prevented if we saved more during the month.

I’m also getting ready for a garage sale with my mother-in-law and seeing all these things we’ve bought that we don’t really use. I thought I was a frugal spender, but I could easily spend even less than I do.

How about you, how did you do on your spending fast? Even if you spent $5 less than you normally would – that’s a step in the right direction.