Spiritual Housecleaning

“Cleaning creates an empty space where something new–life–can happen, leaving a free area for a fresh approach.” -Kathryn Robyn, in Spiritual Housecleaning

Cleaning is an area of my life that is difficult. So many time I think “What’s the use, it’s just going to get messed up again.” I am always having to motivate myself to clean, it’s not a natural inclination for me. I having been reading this book on Spiritual Housecleaning. Some of the book is a little too new agey for me, but I am seeing housecleaning with new eyes. Cleaning is not just about my home, it is about preparing space for something new to come into my life. A home is not for show, but to create a sense of belonging and authenticity.

She also suggests that how each of the rooms in our house shows a part of us. The kitchen symbolizes nurturing. The bedroom is for renewal. The living room shows how you maintain contact with the culture at large. The bathroom symbolizes how you take care of your body. And so on. I love the idea of giving more meaning to my cleaning.


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