Spring Cleaning


This weekend I have been spring cleaning – cabinets, scrubbing down sinks, vacuuming under furniture. None of which I like. My husband mentioned it’s closer to summer now. I may have stuck out my tongue.

I find if I focus on the work, I will procrastinate a long time. Who wants to do manual labor?

I need to focus on the outcome.

Shiny floors, less allergens floating around, or a sweet smelling fridge. The smaller area the better.

I also can’t focus on the whole “spring cleaning.” That’s a lot of chores. That’s a whole house.

Usually I don’t even do spring cleaning. I clean a cabinet one weekend and behind the couch another weekend. But, there has been very little deep cleaning and organizing since play practice in mid-January and migraines increasing.

So I have broken it down into 25 minute sessions. 25 minutes cleaning, a 5-10 min computer project, than a chapter in a book on the porch. Then back to cleaning.

As I clean I am focus on the one thing – the stove, vacuuming the couch or whatever area of the current room I am doing. The 25 minutes helps me not hop around. I do not need half done projects all over the house.

Are you doing any spring cleaning? How is it going?



Pix by Brea Dargis



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