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I was asked if I wanted to review a book that wasn’t necessarily in my simplifying niche. But I know I have tons of creative type readers and people yearning for something more, so I thought I’d share this book with you.

The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton

Like me, Richie lost a son, stirring an urgency about the shortness of life and the uncontrollable circumstances we live.

His premise is that we need to play with the stupid ideas to find success. If someone is calling your idea stupid, you may be a change agent, an innovator, a thought leader or an entrepreneur. Things like TVs, autos, radios, space travel were all thought to be stupid.

If we crush fear, end pride, overcome procrastination and serve we are on the right track.

Richie takes you from picking out which idea to start pursuing, to moving through the obstacles, to what to do to take your idea into action.

And all the way through are great stories of stupid ideas that turned into successes.

He asks, "When you are 80, what are you going to regret not doing?"

Life is not for standing still and playing it safe. If you have ideas that won’t let you go, this book urge you into action.


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  • sounds like a good read – my 3rd grader has been interested in Thomas Edison lately. It is amazing how his teachers & others put him down. Thank goodness his mother knew better and let him explore as a child. We might be in the dark otherwise 🙂

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