I received a comment from a reader that had been stockpiling the Weekly Tips and decided to let them go and start over. That’s what I want for all of you.

If you didn’t finish last year’s Declutter Calendar, don’t worry. Just start anew with the Declutter Calendar 2013.

If you have old Weekly Tips, feel free to delete them. You can a fresh start with the new tips. If 7 tips are too much for you, pick just one each week to help you simplify. An easy way to remember to do the tips is to put the ones you want to implement right in your to do list or calendar. Things in newsletters rarely get implemented if they don’t end up on some kind of action list.

The same goes for the blog. Don’t just star in Google Reader or think to yourself I want to do that. Make a note on a to do list or calendar. This will help you take action on simplifying instead of just reading about it. But, only pick the ones that will make the biggest difference to you and your family.

I never, ever want you to feel guilt over not doing all the tips or not doing everything in the Declutter Calendar. I want you to feel good about every small step, every day you do declutter and all the progress you make. It’s not all or nothing here.

Blow out all that guilt with a whoooooshhhhhh! You are free to begin again and make progress in whatever way you want. Glad you are here!


And to help you make a fresh start, I have teamed up with a fitness expert and nutrition expert to help you make a fresh start with nutritious eating, upping or beginning your fitness plan and systemizing to set up for your new year.

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  • Amy

    Hi Beth,
    I just discovered your blog the other day and have been enjoying it. While I was reading I realized I know your grandpa and grandma and I remember you from Lake Louise. My family went to Central Northwest Presbyterian. Small world. 🙂
    Amy Davenport

  • Terrie

    Thank you so much for the 2013 declutter calendar. I completed the 2012 year plan in about 2 months as we prepared for a cross-country move. It was very motivating. These resources are wonderful for the “I don’t know where to begin so I’ll just ignore it” in me. Thanks again.

  • Beth

    Right Terrie – even when your brain is fried you had a little declutter to do without thinking about it. Congratulations on decluttering for the move!

  • Maggie

    I tried to do the 2011 and 2012 declutter tips at the same time and just got frustrated because I couldn’t keep up. So, this year will take your advice and just start over. I think that whatever I get done is better than just doing nothing. So, thanks for putting together another year of declutter tips. I look forward to working to make my house even better in 2013.

  • Twinkle

    I discovered your site through Pinterest last month. Thank you for posting the 2013 calendar. I love having a starting point and a goal each day.

  • Andrew

    I’ve wanted to declutter for years. I always told myself when this happened or that would happen, then I could really get things sorted out and simplified. First it was when my roommate moved out, then I’d have an extra room to use as a staging area. Then when I was laid off, “I’ll use all this extra time to get things more thinned out then ever!” Then before my girlfriend moved in….etc. Four years of waiting for some future trigger and things were getting worse.

    Well, my girlfriend reached the end of her rope a few weeks ago. At the same time, I realized that I had an underlying low level depression for years. I had begun taking anti-depressants. About the same time they had begun to kick in, my girlfriend had had enough and was going to move out. Whether it was that or the medication, I lay in bed the next morning and realized that action is what matters, all the best intentions wouldn’t get my house cleaner.

    I realized all that stuff I had accumulated was maybe someday stuff. Some time in the future when this or that happens I can use it. I wasn’t really living in the present when it comes to my stuff. I was living in the future. I started throwing stuff out and making a large pile to donate. I’m not going to bother to sell that stuff that might be worth something. That’s more of the future thinking. The consequences were now and I had to change now.

    My basement has changed amazingly already. More importantly, my attitude has changed, really changed. I no longer look at a free/cheap something or other and say, I can use that someday and this is free. It has a price now. If I don’t have time for the project now, if I don’t have a project in mind then I’m passing it up. I’ll get it when I need it. And if I have to pay a little for it in the future rather than get it for free now, then so be it. The freedom now is worth more.

    It’s new years day and I was just looking around for some tips to continue and found this site. I look forward to the day when I don’t even check out sites like this. In the meantime, thanks for providing this!

  • Beth

    That’s the right way to look at it Andrew. Saving stuff for someday or what might have been only wastes money, time and space today. Live in the now!

  • Lois

    My husband and I plan to move in 6 to 9 months and DOWNSIZE after 52 years. As we put all our Christmas away, we decluttered from 7 boxes down to 3! What a great feeling. Now we have a lot more boxes to go through…mostly my favorite stuff…paperwork!! I’m ready now.

  • Kiley

    Thank you for sharing your decluttering calendar! I love the concept and the focus/direction it provides. Unfortunately, if I don’t get on it first thing in the morning before the kids are up and the day is underway, it gets “lost” and swept aside until I’m in bed when I realize . . . “i missed today’s task!”. Argh.

    Have you ever considered daily reminder of the task by email or FB post?


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