Starting Over

I received a comment from a reader that had been stockpiling the Weekly Tips and decided to let them go and start over. That’s what I want for all of you.

If you didn’t finish last year’s Declutter Calendar, don’t worry. Just start anew with the Declutter Calendar 2013.

If you have old Weekly Tips, feel free to delete them. You can a fresh start with the new tips. If 7 tips are too much for you, pick just one each week to help you simplify. An easy way to remember to do the tips is to put the ones you want to implement right in your to do list or calendar. Things in newsletters rarely get implemented if they don’t end up on some kind of action list.

The same goes for the blog. Don’t just star in Google Reader or think to yourself I want to do that. Make a note on a to do list or calendar. This will help you take action on simplifying instead of just reading about it. But, only pick the ones that will make the biggest difference to you and your family.

I never, ever want you to feel guilt over not doing all the tips or not doing everything in the Declutter Calendar. I want you to feel good about every small step, every day you do declutter and all the progress you make. It’s not all or nothing here.

Blow out all that guilt with a whoooooshhhhhh! You are free to begin again and make progress in whatever way you want. Glad you are here!


And to help you make a fresh start, I have teamed up with a fitness expert and nutrition expert to help you make a fresh start with nutritious eating, upping or beginning your fitness plan and systemizing to set up for your new year.