Starting the New Year


For many years I have used the last week of December and/or the beginning weeks of a new year to take care of things so it feels like I am starting fresh. Here are some actions I take:

  • Send thank you notes
  • Reflect on last year and do some annual planning
  • Give the house a thorough cleaning
  • Finish my Declutter Calendar
  • Update my todos in Notion
  • Brainstorm blog posts for the year
  • Clear off my computer desktop
  • Schedule self-care appointments like haircut and dentist
  • Clear out computer download folder
  • Clean my office
  • Fresh sheets and towels
  • Bring items to charity
  • Get to the bottom of my paper in box
  • Update my list of routines
  • Clean out my purse
  • Set out file folder for Taxes 2022
  • Set up January tips so I just need to add pictures

Not all these get done every year, but it’s a list I work from.

What one thing would feel like starting fresh for you that you can do this week?


If decluttering is one of your goals for this year, you will want to join the Declutter Group this month. It will give you the accountability, motivation and fun to actually make progress.

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