Stay Young and Adventuresome


Last night we all enjoyed watching Finding Neverland. I’ve always nurtured creativity and let my kids know it is o.k. to be different. The message of staying young at heart with a sense of adventure was in my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

In the morning what should I read but a passage on adventure in Julia Cameron’s Walking in this World. And the quote from the author of Peter Pan, James M Barrie, “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

According to Julia, Adventure is a “nutrient not a frivolity.” Have you noticed that those who seem most alive are those who take risks, have fun and keep their sense of adventure? If you have become a little too rigid and disciplines, Julia suggests starting with small adventures like horseback riding, planning a pretend vacation or improvising on the piano.

Wanting perfection so much, some don’t take as many risks or do much improvising. Most of us prefer practice and mastery – taking all the joy out of it.

So today I tried to keep adventure in mind. I walked to the store instead of driving noticing all the details along the way. I dyed two cracked eggs. I read a magazine I never had before. I took a little risk with my husband that brought us even closer together. I decided not to die of mortification when my sister-in-law stopped by early in the morning while I was still walking to the store and before I did any morning chores. I decided worrying about a popcorn bowl in the middle of the living room floor probably doesn’t rank high on the list of terrible things. These risks seem so tiny, but I am just getting started!

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