Photo by J.A.L.E.X.

The kids are out of school for summer break. This was their first full week home. After a school year of mostly quiet during school time which is my work hours, all the noise put me on edge. In August I won’t want them to go back to school, but by last night my husband could tell I was turning frazzled.

This afternoon, he left with the kids so I could have some quiet. Someone left the TV on so I was listening to some redneck jokes on Comedy Central as I wrote and typed.

An hour passed before I remembered I wanted quiet. I didn’t need the company of the TV. What I craved was stillness and no noise. A place where I can hear my own thoughts. Without the competition of the kids talking, the TV, iPod, computer, or phone calls.

Now it is blissfully silent with only the breeze of the fan. Time to shut down the computer and renew.