Stock Up

Running out to the store at the last minute is a big energy drain. Making do with supplies that aren’t made for the job is frustrating. Not to mention, every time you go to the store you are likely to spend more money than you had wanted. Time to stock up and take inventory.

I like to grocery shop once a month for most staples and supplies, and shop what is on sale using the grocery game. Then during the week I get fresh produce and perishables.

What do you need to stock up on?

  • The first thing to look at is the big stuff – appliances. How are your oven and washer working? How old are your appliances? This Old House has a chart on the average life span of appliances. If you are getting close to the life span of some of your appliances, now is the time to save for a new one. No more surprises when an appliance goes kaput.
  • Now check out the kitchen. Do you have all the supplies you need to prepare healthy, delicious foods? Here is a basic kitchen supply list. You may not need all of the items on the list, but it is a good reminder for things you really could use in your kitchen.
  • Do you have enough food in the pantry to whip up a few of your favorite meals? Print out a pantry list and tape it to the pantry door. Make sure to train the family to write out anything they use up. We have an ongoing list on a whiteboard. No more 5:30pm trips to the grocery store for tomato sauce.
  • How about your wardrobe? Many of us have plenty of clothes, but that doesn’t mean we have all the basics. Check out this basic wardrobe guide.
  • Do you have enough tranquil space in your bedroom? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you get enough quiet time?
  • What about grooming items? If you put a list on the inside door of a cabinet with all the lotions, makeup, hair color number and brand you like, it is easier to stock up on what you use.
  • Running to the store in the midst of cleaning, when you usually look your worst, is not my idea of fun. Make sure you have all the supplies you need by taking a look at this cleaning supply checklist.

Being prepared for your life will make you feel relaxed and organized. And will save you lots of running to the store for one or two things.