Stop fixing your home and start creating your home


I read this phrase somewhere – stop fixing yourself and start creating yourself. This resonated with me and I at once thought this can also be related to your home. Stop thinking about organizing, decluttering, hating your home, or cleaning. Instead think of it as creating and crafting a nurturing home.

Whether you are living in your own home or renting in an apartment like 152 Dodd St Se 30060 Apartments Marietta GA, you can declutter and organize as a way to get closer to your ideal space, not as a task on the to-do list. This mind set change gives you a hint of motivation. Resistance eases away. Imagine that phrase before doing housework. “I am creating a nurturing home.”

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

How can you create your home? How can you craft your vision?

Show up daily to do this. Even if it’s 5 minutes. Re-set your expectations about how you can live and what all the home care means.

If you are creating a home, maybe you put those papers away and put flowers on your table instead. Maybe you streamline your bathroom so it’s easier to get out in the morning. Or perhaps you turn off devices by 9pm.

How can your home be nurturing?

What can you do next?

If you aren’t sure, what’s next or where to start, we’d love to have you in the Declutter Group to help you with that overwhelm and help you create your vision.

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