Stop Living Life Like An Emergency

I just finished a book called Stop Living Life Like An Emergency, by Diane Sieg, R.N. I have seen many coaching clients that do live life like an emergency. 7 warning signs she writes about are:

1. Always running a little late

2. Piles everywhere that you hope to get to someday

3. You find yourself in 3 modes: hurry up, catch up or fed up

4. You constantly lose things or forget things

5. You have no patience for traffic, grocery lines or anything else that takes too long

6. You pride yourself on how much you get done and how fast you do it.

7. You frequently say things lik, “When things slow down I will…exercise…get more sleep…take better care of myself.

If you are living life like an emergency you may have one of these personality types:
The controller – no one but you can do it right
The perfectionist
The driver – impossibly high standards
The action person – never wants to sit on the sidelines and watch, always is do, do, do
The adrenaline junkie – thrives on activity, chaos and crisis often of their own making
The risk taker – always chooses risk over stability
The impatient
The rescuer – always the first to volunteer to save the day
The difference maker – has to feel need and helps others at any cost

Do any of these sound like you? The personality traits aren’t bad, they can be very successful. It’s just if you cross the line to the extreme that emergency living develops.

Emergency living becomes a habit. A person can be rushing so long, they have forgotten they have a choice.

The book has the solutions to emergency living. Things like slowing down and being ruthless with your schedule and listening to your limits.

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