Strategies for Overwhelming Weeks

I am ultra sensitive to overwhelm, which allows me to catch it before I drown in it. And I’ve had to create a life of as much space and quiet time as I can.

So when a few weeks happen like they have recently where I am working later and have quick turn around times as I help someone launch a product I know I can handle it.

One reason is because I know there is an end in sight. My life is usually not crazy busy by design.

I take more breaks if I am working 12 hours – watch a dance on Dancing with the Stars, or read a chapter in a novel or eat lunch on the porch.

I make sure I get some exercise even if it’s 15 minutes of yoga or an evening walk around the block. The more stress and tension, the more we need to release it through exercise. I still got in my weekly walk with a friend.

Asking for more help from the family during this time means less dishes for me to wash. I did do daily things like keep my desk clear so it’s easier to work. I think clearer that way. But, some things like vacuuming and dusting didn’t get done at all one week. Meals were super quick and simple like soup and sandwiches.

The computer went off at least an hour before bed so I could sleep.

If your life is always crazy busy and you don’t like it that way, it’s time to make some deliberate choices.

Even in the most serene life, weeks of overwhelm pop up. But, you can handle it with some strategies like above.

What are you favorite tips for busy weeks?