Stress Less Driving


When people get in the car, their first thought is how can I get to my destination as quickly as possible. Most people aren’t thinking about their well being, how to make the trip more enjoyable or how to stress less when driving.

I started as a really nervous driver. It took me many years before I could regularly drive the highway or drive in big cities. In order to do what scares me, I had to make driving easier for me.

Last night, my husband asked why I drove the opposite direction to pick up my daughter. Because of the snow, I knew that road would be extra icy and not fun to drive on. So, I drove a block out of my way to go on the more traveled road.

I prefer to go a block or two out of my way than go the more stressful road. Certain lights are almost impossible to make left hand turns. So I go an extra block and make a right. I know when school lets out there are two roads I definitely don’t want to be on.

Before I start any trip, I think of the time of day it is and which would be the less stressful way to go.

I also rely on music to calm my nerves. When I was driving with my daughter through the mountains to get to Washington D.C. we sang nice and loud to Evanescence to get out of my fear state.

I also like my 10 minute rule, leaving 10 minutes early for everything so I can get out the door on time. When you leave earlier, you are less likely to take chances with your driving. Plus you can stop by the side of the road when the kids act up.

How do you make your driving less stressful?

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