Stress Relievers


Holiday time is often stress time. Here is a reminder for some stress relievers:

  • Decide what’s really important to you in life and for this holiday season.
  • Use a family Google calendar or wall calendar to coordinate things
  • Use your watch or cell phone and leave 10 minutes early
  • Use your voicemail instead of answering each phone call as it comes in
  • Use a bulletin board or erasable whiteboard for a family message center and shopping lists
  • Get enough sleep, especially when it seems you have too much to do
  • Think first before you do something to decide which is the easiest way
  • Don’t buy high maintenance items
  • Simplify your eating and cooking habits
  • Plan your day the night before and lay out what you will need
  • Avoid crowds, shop at odd times
  • Say no to things that you don’t have the time or energy for
  • Declutter
  • Use music to put you in a different mood

What are your favorite stress relievers?

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