Stressed is Not an Emotion


Stressed is not an emotion. It is a vague description that allows you to use “bad” coping mechanisms like overeating, shopping and zoning out. You aren’t dealing with the real problem only a symptom.

You need to get below, “I’m sooo stressed!”

What are you really feeling?

Tired and need a nap?

Angry that someone stepped over your boundary or angry at yourself for saying yes again.?

Fearful that your boss will lose respect for you if you don’t do the project well? And then she will write you up. And then you’ll be fired. And then you’ll be living in a box.

Resentful that you are the only one working on the project?

Sad that you aren’t as connected as you were to a certain person?

Dig down below, “stressed out” to see what you are really feeling. Then you can truly deal with it.



Photo by  Bottled Void

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