Summer Memories

Happy first day of summer. One of my friends was asking about our favorite summer memories. Here are mine. What are yours?

Summer memories:
~playing ghost in the graveyard and kick the cans with the neighborhood kids
~camping, swimming, sailing, s’mores
~catching fireflies
~family vacations – my favorites: New Orleans, the Grand Tetons and San Antonio
~staying outside till dark
~planting my grandparent’s garden with my Grandpa
~visiting the Indiana and Michigan sand dunes (which I now can visit much more often)
~running through the prairie trying to catch butterflies
~strawberry picking in Canada and making jam right at the campground with my Mom and Grandma
~making mud pies
~block parties and getting to ride the fire engine in one of the parades
~going to the school park and actually getting to swing on the swings because we were the only ones there
~zooming down the big hill on my bike, so fast – I was a little scared and a lot exhilarated
~playing at Monster Lake with my friends – it was basically a little pond, with a few fish and lots of desert looking mud with a few patches of vegetation that was great for exploring
~swinging on one of my friend’s porch swing