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I just love to plan summer. A few months of warmth and possibilities. In this week’s Simplicity Tips I put in a .pdf to help you plan your summer:

Summer Planning

I thought I would let you browse what the kids and I planned for our summer last year:

the Dargis Family Summer

Now, don’t think that just because we have a bunch of things listed that we will get to do them all. But, because of planning we will get to do most. Once a week I take a look at the worksheet and see what will fit nicely into the week. A couple things on the weekend. Maybe a lovely afternoon. And an evening or two.

Whatever doesn’t get done this year, I will put into my summer planning folder to add to the top of the list next year. If we still want to do it next year.


I like to add a little structure to summer. The daily routine is a lot looser than in other months, but the kids and I are both home and we could fritter the day away. (And some days we do.) But, usually there are chores to do, books to read, work to be done before we get to play.

I find summer is a great time to involve the whole family in volunteering. There is a big garage sale for a local charity this weekend. Next week we can help plant a rain garden through the city. And often non-profits need lawn care.


And we also have quite a bit of space for the kids to just be and think of their own things to do. Or just lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling.

Don’t go overboard with your planning. I read of summer planning expos in March for all the day camps, athlete camps, computer camps, education camps, etc. Kids need time to lay low for awhile too. Not just learn and perform.

More things to do this summer

You can also find more things for the kids to do this summer here:

101 Things to Do in Summer

and for you:

Summer To Do List




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