Summer Planning


On vacation, I had time most evenings to read, journal and relax. We didn’t watch any TV while we were gone. It wasn’t planned, but with all the people and noise while doing the tourist thing, we wanted quiet by evening time.

I started asking what I want for this next season.

  • I want to add more space for not working.
  • I want to re-establish no computers on Saturdays.
  • Less TV, more outside and reading.
  • I want to get up earlier so I have time for self-care, prayer and getting work done before my husband gets home from work
  • Weekly trips to the beach (we only live 20 min from Lake Michigan)
  • Some bike rides with Brea and motorcycle rides with Jeff
  • Mornings in the back yard with my journal

Here is a Summer Planning worksheet if you need some jump off points:

Summer Planning PDF

And my Summer Planning Blog Post

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