Summer Schedule

Working from home leads to some challenges during summer vacation, especially if your husband works 3rd shift. I wrote up a draft copy of our summer schedule. Since I have don’t have too much that has to be done at certain times, that is a lot of time just floating around. Without my schedule I would look at my long to do list and not know where to start. So, my basic framework is:

6:30 am quiet time, exercise (sometimes those are combined)
Morning grooming and cleaning routine
Check kid’s morning chores
Send E-courses
Design work
Lunch with kids (picnics are especially fun)
Basic Weekly Plan – weekly chores
15 min zone tasks – monthly chores
Time with family
Dinner, evening chores with family
More family fun
Time with hubby, then say bye
Evening routine – getting me and kids ready for bed
Read in bed
Lights out 10:30

Of course it is almost midnight and I’m not asleep yet. Storms have been keeping me awake and my sleep has gotten out of whack.

Rarely does my day go exactly as scheduled, but a time framework keeps me more productive.

Above is my actual office on a typical day.