Monday is the sentencing and I know if will be difficult as we read about how we have been impacted. So, today I am planning ways to support myself. I am going to go to bed early the night before. Take the day off work/clients. Put a long walk in nature into my schedule. And ask for prayers from people.

Long Walk

As you look at next week, where do you see spots that may be difficult for you? How can you make them easier?

If your week looks like smooth sailing, then concentrate on self-care. You are going to need your strength sometime in the future, so spend this week exercising, eating well, writing in your journal, taking breaks and connecting with the ones you love.

Do what you can to support yourself in the future.


Photo by Rosmary


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  • Beth

    Very interesting, and I agree. It seems like a lot of people have so much trouble with short term goals that the idea of planning for the future is just completely overwhelming.

  • Heather (in Scotland)

    Beth – I’m so sad for your family’s loss. Unthinkable. I pray for peace and strength for you on Monday and in the week ahead. You sound wise and gracious, planning on how to cope with a particularly difficult day and prompting us to plan ahead and self-nurture to be strong for the difficult times.

  • Renee

    Please know that I will be praying for you. May you sense God’s grace and love as a shield going before you into that courtroom.

  • Gloria

    Your birthday this year demonstrates with unswerving clarity the meaning of “balance” in the universe. From reading your blogs, I believe you are wise enough to recognize this message.
    Nothing, however, can dampen the impact of this horrendous “coincidence.” Yes, my prayers are with you.

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