Surrender and Choice


Accept then act

I’ve been on a journey to surrender more, at the same time I think we all have more choices than we think. I don’t want to feel helpless. That’s the balance isn’t it? I was meditating on this idea today.

Surrendering to what is, the reality, is so important. To not resist what is happening with thoughts like, “I wish it was [different].” “If only…” “They should be [this way].” Complaining is a big clue that we are not surrendering.

We usually resist when our expectation of how something should be or how someone should behave is not met. These are often based on beliefs we didn’t realize we had.

Energy is sucked away in the resistance. “It’s not fair!” “I hate this!” “Why, me?”

We change our energy, when we accept what is happening. We surrender to the flow. We allow people to be who they are. We have compassion for what is.

At the same time that we surrender to what is going on we can also notice what choices we have at the moment. We can choose our attitude. We can choose to act from our values and love even if we don’t like what is happening. We can choose what we think might improve the current situation instead of wishing it away.

That is where the power is – the present moment. If you spend your time resisting, you drain your power to change what you can.

We can surrender without floating into helplessness. There is the freedom of choice in every situation. We can act from that choice or we can ride the wave of worry & negativity.

We aren’t in control of the flow of life as much as we’d like to. But, we are in control of our choices.

Where do you feel stress, tension, worry or what are complaining about? What are you resisting? How can you surrender?

Now what is the next choice you can make?



  • This really speaks to me today Beth. On my walk this morning I was pondering the matter of hopes, expectations, and disappointment, in relation to a particular project I’m wanting to move forward presently. I had not thought of the word ‘surrender’ in relation to the next choice I need to make. Thank you Beth – as is so often the case with your writings, they come at just the right time for me.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    So glad to hear this Jo.

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