I have been reading the Street Lawyer by John Grisham. I have been moved by the plight of people experiencing homelessness. People with little food, shelter if there is room, and even less hope. While I long for a new seminar to go to or new book to read, that money could be meals.

I am reminded of the work I did with Bread for the World when I was in college. I played a hungry girl in a play we put on for churches to raise money.

Then I picked up The Difference a Day Makes by Karyn Jones. This book has ideas for things that everyone can do to help – the environment, hunger issues, tolerance, etc. And I found a whole chapter on ways I can help people without a home. I already donate to our local shelter and do the Christmas food drive, but I want to do more.

I also ran across this post on Being Poor.

This issue popped up two more times in unrelated places in the past three days. I’m not sure what it means. I feel like I need to be involved. I will be looking at things and staying open for the next step.