• I​ had a busier than normal social week last week and it created chaos in the house. I have work and other to dos to catch up with, so I didn’t want to take a lot of time to clean up. Today is a pick up as you go day. I made my bed as I

  • I was complimenting a client on how well she has been taking care of the little stuff and not procrastinating. She let me know she was using a plus one philosophy. If something spills in the kitchen, the drawer next to it gets decluttered. If

  • A reader said a friend of hers had been trying to implement the habit of cleaning up as she goes, but a 1 year old and a husband were making the work go backwards. When your kids are between 1 and 3 especially it’s really hard to keep

  • I had enough of my broken necklace on my desk. So finally I got out the hot glue gun, plugged it in and fixed my clasp. Took less than 10 minutes. Now I was on a roll, what else needed hot gluing? I hot glued the bird back on the fence of the

  • Does it sometimes feel like you are the only person doing work in the house? Do you feel resentful that other people play while you do nothing but work? Do you find yourself nagging and complaining? Oops, you may have slipped into martyrdom.