• I got an email from someone going a little crazy trying to downsize from a home to an apartment. “Help”, she said. Downsizing can be an overwhelming project. The first thing to do it release the past. Whether the downsize is your

  • Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. We took a spring hike today during Easter. And we actually saw some buds just peeking out. Photo by Brea Dargis Just a reminder that the Declutter Group starts tonight, a few spots

  • Last time I talked about moving things out of prime space because I felt the need to open my space up more. Another thing I did was take care of some visual clutter. I took recipes off the bulletin board in the kitchen since I haven’t made

  • A reader asked, “What would you suggest to cope with anxiety when clearing out?” Fear of anxiety is actually a big reason why people procrastinate on decluttering. Vague anxiety often stems from not actually feeling what you are

  • I used to think we needed to save the storage areas like the basement, attic and garage for last. But, I have been realizing that it’s helpful to at least get part of that area decluttered, so you have room to store things you find as you

  • I was on the problem solving section of the Mid-Morning Show at in Fort Wayne, IN You can take a listen here: [wpaudio url="" text="Interview