•   I’ve been reading a lot on self-compassion lately, from various places. And I’ve been thinking about it with my Declutter Group. Self-compassion is more important than self-discipline. Picture yourself overeating. Disgusted

  • I was on the phone with a client today and she was talking about my declutter calendar. She liked it because she could post it in whatever room we are working on and she could quick do one of the items without it weighing down her to do list.

  • If most years you bring more stuff into your life for the holidays, it may be time to do a little pre-holiday decluttering. Kids’ Toys Let start with the kids. Which toys have they outgrown, no longer play with, never liked? Are any in

  • What are your goals this year? One of the most effective ways of reaching any goal, is to create an environment for success. Make it easy for yourself by having your home, office or car remind you of what you want to achieve. If you want to lose

  • Remember Kathy from the Simplicity Makeover Contest? She wanted to check in with her progress. A few of her great changes: "I am knitting again, after a LONG break and found a free knitting group." "I’ve had 2 yard sales

  • I think the main reason my house doesn’t get cluttered as fast now is because I am constantly decluttering. I don’t mean huge decluttering sessions. Just bits of decluttering here and there. Like yesterday. I had bought some

  • Hire someone to do something that isn’t getting done. Write down how much screen time you have a day (computer, TV, video, cell phone). Practice doing one thing at a time today. List what you are grateful for Be polite to those with whom