• A reader writes, “I am moving and I need advice on how to purge and move only what we need. We have lived in our house for over 20 years.” Many people in my classes have been saying this too. They will be retiring shortly and want to

  • A homeschool mom, home business owner and artist wrote to me saying she’d love to declutter, but has no time. I’m sure you can relate to not having enough time for what you want to do. Most people hop around a lot. A little facebook,

  • I looked at the declutter calendar. “Declutter under the bathroom sink.” I remember when those words would have inspired terror. But, this time I opened up the cabinet to find a wrapper to get thrown out and a jar of texturizing

  • When I coach or teach people, the ones that make the most progress are the ones that bring the lessons deep inside. Simplifying or any other change works better if the changes are internal as well as external. Photo by Jeff Dargis   You can