• Gina asks, “Hi Beth, any tips for simplicity when crafting email communication or when communicating ideas verbally?” The two most important things are to be straight and to be clear. Be Straight When I was first married I

  • It is easy to get sucked into reading email every time it beeps. But then we might not get anything done. I am continually reminding myself if I open email I have to do something with it besides read it. In a Forbes article on how millionaires

  • I cleaned up my email folders last week. This felt so freeing. Most of us have way too many folders and filters set up in email. If your email has a good search feature like gmail does, you don’t need all the folders. It’s rare you

  • I am so excited with a new lab I discovered in my Gmail Account. This one lab cuts the email I see in my email box immensely and quickly. If you have Gmail, go to the gear at the top and click on labs. Scroll down to SmartLabels to enable.