• First Published at Meditate Like a Girl. Is your resolution list the same as last year? The same as five years ago? Perhaps your goals aren’t what you really want. Instead of looking towards what we want, we are resolute in what we should

  • I used to be a huge planner. I would have big annual goals, then quarterly, then monthly, then weekly. The main problem with that is 1) Things always change. Life happens. 2) I would get bored at looking at the same goals all the time. I know

  • During this New Year’s season, I want to say you are enough. Even if you don’t… lose 10 pounds get organized remember every birthday make it to church every week read 52 books exercise an hour a day get completely out of debt

  • What are your goals this year? One of the most effective ways of reaching any goal, is to create an environment for success. Make it easy for yourself by having your home, office or car remind you of what you want to achieve. If you want to lose

  • As we think about what we want for this coming year, let’s also remember that most of what we want are bonuses to an already good life. For many of us we already have families, homes, work, the sights of nature, the movement of our bodies,