• I had a reader, email and ask how to organize kitchen cabinets. Here are some of the tips I sent: Use a rack for your bowls and small plates (big plates if you have the room) Pans can go on a rack on the wall or nested in a cabinet If you have

  • Every time I opened the tupperware cabinet, it seemed water bottles would fly out at me. Before I was at Goodwill this week and found a $2 basket and I had an idea. First, I got rid of the extra water bottles. How many did we even use? How many

  • I took a nutrition class on whole grains and filled my cabinet with millet, quinoa, couscous, steel-cut oats. And now my cabinet had a bunch of bags of grains. Before The same Goodwill that I found the water bottle basket, I found a big, clear

  • The smoothie maker died after years of at least three smoothies a week and the hand blender’s plastic parts melted. In the same week. We decided we could replace both with a sturdy blender that can crush ice. This time we got one with

  • One person is my Declutter Group asked why the kitchen is such a difficult place to declutter. Things get moved from spot to spot, but not decluttered. The kitchen is the hearth of the home,¬† the nurturing spot. I think many of us have ideas how