• One of my most asked questions is how to set up an Action File. I decided to create a video so you can see it. *** Want more help decluttering papers and the rest of your home? Join the Declutter Group in January or April.  

  • In a recent Weekly Simplicity Tips, I mentioned having “places for books, papers, mail, and stationary supplies.” Tracy wants to know where those places are for you. For me I have a bookshelf in my closet for health and home books. A shelf in my

  • In the Declutter Group we were talking about paper and what to do if you aren’t at home. You know those plastic or paper Accordion folders like for bills? Before leaving home I threw a pile of papers that needs sorting in the front pocket.

  • This weekend I wanted to open more space up in my office. The first thing I did was put a bunch of books into the bookshelf in my closet, and other books in a container in the closet. The second thing I did was combine two file areas – my

  • I loved reading everyone’s questions from the giveaway post. Debbie asked what papers, receipts, bills should she keep and for how long. And then she wanted to know what to do with all those papers. Bank Rate has a great article on how