• So what do you do when you end up taking on something on hindsight you shouldn’t have? It’s easier to notice after you say yes how this is negatively affecting your life. 1) Notice that getting yourself into situations like this is

  • My mom and grandma were both teachers. So this one goes out to all the teachers out there. Often I find teachers have a major list of projects they want to get done in the summer that they didn’t get a chance to do during school. Way more

  • If you are doing something like planning a shower, the details can really get to you. You want the food, the decorations, the gifts, the games all to be perfect. Then you start to feel overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. That’s when

  • I had this grand idea of a comprehensive how to simplify everything book/workbook. I started with excitement and wrote about 5 sections. But then the book got stuck. Procrastination. Playing around with what I already wrote but not doing