• My husband was on second shift (2pm-10pm) for a couple weeks training people. My routine was all messed up. My working was all over the place as was self-care and let’s not talk about the house. This time was a great reminder of why a

  • Lives get chaotic, when they don’t get maintained. For each person, thing, body, activity you have in your life it needs to be maintained. I like to start my day with a daily quiet time to maintain my spiritual life and center. I usually

  • Life can be so daily, can’t it? Dishes again. Chauffeuring again. Making the bed again. We tend to hurry through all the routine stuff to get to the more interesting. The projects. The events. Anything that isn’t part of a checklist.

  • Do you have a coming home routine? One of the main reasons it’s so difficult to get out the door on time, is because the coming home is haphazard with things getting thrown where ever. But, if you practice a routine when you come home, it

  • I was talking with a client who wanted more structure in his life. He was thinking about creating a schedule with times like 8am the gym, 9am client work, 3pm clean off desk. I suggested the way that works for me – time zones. Too often if