• One of the top complaints I hear as someone who writes about simplicity is, “I don’t have enough time.” People always complain they don’t get enough sleep, and they work too many hours. Plus all the housework and

  • One of my frustrations each morning was cleaning my yogurt container after making my morning smoothie. I make my own yogurt, so I have glass jars I can’t throw out. The container always has yogurt/milk in the rings where the top screws on.

  • Some personalities are more inclined to flake out. I am one of those who has to create systems as prevention. It seems more and more prevalent to make excuses. “I’m not feeling up to it.” “I know there was a deadline,

  • I was in a play this month. We’d been rehearsing since January and the last week before the play I spent most of the time at the theater 30 minutes away in good traffic. I would get home at 11:30pm amped up and awaken to work or sing in

  • During my Change Your Relationship to Time class, I talked about how important work breaks are for focus and energy. A regular break schedule is helpful if you can do that. Research says the maximum people can stay focused is 90 minutes. So if