• Instead of feeling resentful for saying yes when you really wanted to say no, try these phrases:   1. Someone in my time class uses the phrase, “That doesn’t work for me.” 2. I am feeling overwhelmed and can’t put

  • If you are feeling behind, or the house is a mess or your to do list is huge you may feel the need to catch up. But, how do you catch up in an all ready full life? Stay current The most important part of catching up is staying current.

  • Sometimes the kids or the spouse or the boss don’t tell you things until the last minute. They may not mean to. But often they just forget. One of my favorite questions to counter this is: Is there anything I need to know for…

  • Do you have a coming home routine? One of the main reasons it’s so difficult to get out the door on time, is because the coming home is haphazard with things getting thrown where ever. But, if you practice a routine when you come home, it