Take Care of Your Puddles


I was on the phone with a client today and she was talking about my declutter calendar. She liked it because she could post it in whatever room we are working on and she could quick do one of the items without it weighing down her to do list. Sometimes she realizes it took almost no time to declutter that area so she can do the next day’s area as well. She gets that little boost when she can say she is ahead. And if she gets behind, it doesn’t matter because some days she can say, “I don’t have to do that because it’s already done.”

Well she decided to use another empty calendar to  take care of what she calls Puddles that accumulated over the holiday season. You know- stacks of bows, a box of decorations to be put away, a gingerbread house, a paper pile, something to be returned. As a whole it can be overwhelming. So she is putting one on each square of a calendar to get them all taken care of by the end of January.

She also is saying to her kids if they want to do one before she gets to it they can get extra spending money.

You can break down all sorts of projects with this – work, decluttering, organizing, health habits, getting through a non fiction book.

What project do you need to break down?


  • Beth, I love the way she describes them as puddles. It’s so clear and you just get it!

    I am looking at a puddle right now (my pile of filing in a basket to the right of my desk) from the last two months.

    Hmmm, maybe 15 mins a day.

    Are we on for Friday?

  • Beth says:

    Yep – we are on for Friday!

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