Taking Time Off

As someone who loves what they do and works from home, it’s sometimes hard to take time off. 

But, I vowed no work – no emailing, blogging, no clients or even turning on the computer for 5 days in a row.

I knew I had to keep the computer off or I would get sucked into reading email or working on a project. It allowed me to turn off from work completely.

We traveled and visited my parents, grandparents and my sister and her husband. We played Upwords, Scrabble, and Chicago in a Box. We relaxed to movies and music. We read.

I am reading a great book called Coming Up for Air by Margaret Becker about her month long retreat by the Gulf of Mexico one winter. She had to practice turning off as well.  She wrote, "The full scope of what I should be experiencing has been shoved aside in the name of efficiency." So during her retreat she experienced deeply sunsets and sunrises, the crash of the surf, music, shells and Christmas trees. The experiences nurtured her and made her feel alive.

My time off nurtured me as well and I felt connected with my family.

I drove to the store one dark evening with the moon roof open, feeling the cold air blowing around me. I looked up at moon and stars hiding among the clouds. And I did feel alive.

If you have time off for Christmas coming up, how can you create the boundaries for no work during your time off?