Teachers and Summer Vacation


My mom and grandma were both teachers. So this one goes out to all the teachers out there.

Often I find teachers have a major list of projects they want to get done in the summer that they didn’t get a chance to do during school. Way more than they can usually accomplish unless they spend the entire summer working.

Even fun things like sewing turn into projects with deadline.That brings it from a renewing, fun thing into a task, chore, must do.

What if you relaxed about a project? Enjoyed the moment? Followed your intuition instead of a deadline & schedule about what wants to be done and what you want to play with. Not only do things get done more quickly when you follow your energy and love, but you have a better time doing them.

Or you could chose one project to concentrate on until it’s done.

And lose any expectations of what must get done this summer. I don’t want you to reach the end of another summer, despairing over what you didn’t get done. It’s summer VACATION 🙂


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  • Beth Dargis says:

    A great comment and help from a teacher:

    It was interesting toe because after many frustrating summers
    This one has been the best. And it was the first time I sat down and wrote a list if things I want to do. My feeling is that there are different personality types based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. My type is happiest with a schedule that has flexibility built in. Without a plan for everything I do (including vacations) I feel “adrift”.
    The thing is that all of the projects I’ve set up for myself are things I LIKE TO DO so…..I’ve been totally enjoying the summer and taken little trips all summer. So….I recommend that people find out more about themselves before approaching our wonderful 10 weeks off.

    Also, until this year I’d be in denial about going back to work and would be one if the last people back, then always felt overwhelmed by what I had to do so….for the first time ever I plan to go in mid August and totally dejunk, organize and decorate my room. Then I will go on my last short trip at the end of August. I expect it to go well.
    Andrea (elementary teacher)

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