Tethered to Possessions


I saw this really cute basket at Target today. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but the brown wicker made me smile. Then I put it down. I’ve learned that a brief smile from something doesn’t mean I should take it home.

It can be fun discovering a pretty little thing from Target for your home or uncovering something at a garage sale. Finding a great outfit at a sale price gives a charge. But, the thing is – the feeling doesn’t last.

What is left is maintaining what you bought, decluttering when you’ve bought too much and being attached to stuff.

It’s so much easier to live out our dreams when we aren’t tethered to possessions.

Is that initial adrenaline buzz of the buy worth it?




  • A solution that works for me is to look at my current stuff and start clearning. It usually pulls me away from buying. Sometimes, it is better to just look at the object and feel its essence and that is usually enough to get me to move on.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Exactly we can look and enjoy an object without having to take it home with us.

  • Agreed! I like to ask myself, “where will it go?” and if I can’t think of a place, I leave it.

    You know I’ve been working on getting rid of my physical books over the last 5 – 7 years. I’m finally at a good space – 3 shelves in one bookcase and about 10 of those rotate as I read and donate. I was at a sale last week and I had an armful of about 10 books but I stopped and chose only 5 because I don’t want to land up with too many to read again 🙂

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