That’s Just How I Am


One of the easiest excuses not to change is, “That’s just how I am.” Where is what you consider your identity, holding you back? Has, “I am lazy” or “I am disorganized” become so ingrained that you can’t move forward?

Anytime you try to learn a new habit, you excuse yourself when it doesn’t happen. “Well, I’m just not an early riser.” “You know me, messy, messy, messy.”

In many cases with clients, I help them see these new habits as skills to practice instead of part of personality. It’s a big shift that allows them to see the hope of changing.

“I am a clutterbug,” becomes “I can learn the skills to declutter.” “I am always late,” becomes “I want to be a person that respects other people’s time so I set my timer to leave 10 minutes early.”

Notice where you are holding onto an identity you no longer need.

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  • What you are saying here Beth is what I believe to be wrong with the majority of society. They believe that the way things are, will simply remain that way which is a fallacious. Things can always be changed for the better. I believe that if you become aware of your potential for change and growth, you can then make the necessary changes but it’s first about getting rid of those feelings of “I’m not good enough, this is just how I am.”

    I have a system, The TCS System, that helps individuals to get to the root of their limiting beliefs and pull them out. It is designed to help someone create self-awareness and to then create new habits to reach their goals and true potential in life. Come check it out on my website. I’m Master Life Coach Bruno LoGreco, visit me at

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