The Beach on a Weekday?

Wednesday was a warm, sunshiney day. Perfect day for the beach. Too bad school had already started. And too bad it was a weekday. After all I am a responsible person.

But, the beach kept calling to me all day. So at lunch I thought of how I could get there.

When the kids came home from school I let them know of the plan. If they do their checklists including chores and homework, without me having to remind them, then after dinner I would take them to the beach.

They did their homework right away after their snack. By our early dinner most of the chores were done, they just needed to do after dinner dishes and clean up. I made sure my work and chores were done as well. I didn’t have to remind the teens once.
So around 6:45pm we hopped in the car and were heading for the beach. We spent a lovely evening splashing, swimming and enjoying the most gorgeous sunset.

When I hear my heart calling, I am trying to nurture that when I can much more often than I used to. I really don’t want to be a dried up, irritable martyr.