The Christmas Police

Guess what – there is no Christmas police.

You can decide not to…

  • Bake cookies
  • Put up a tree
  • Decorate
  • Spend more than you have on gifts
  • Make your own stockings
  • Stay up to midnight finishing homemade gifts
  • Cook twice as much as you need
  • Go to the party

If it doesn’t matter to you or your family you can say no. And if your family says it all matters, ask them what matters most. (If it truly, truly matters to them they can always do it themselves.)

You can decide to…

  • Celebrate with just your immediate family
  • Make one kind of cookie
  • Ask for help with the holiday dinner
  • Spend the night in
  • Finish up things after Christmas
  • Enjoy
  • Laugh
  • Connect

Breathe and let go.