The End of the Year Regret Time


I have to watch out for the New Year. I always want to make elaborate plans for everything I am going to do on top of my regular life.

But, it seems those New Year’s plans don’t always happen. The funny thing is I look over my goals lists from a few years ago and those goals happened. They just took longer than a year. I think many goals that are important do take more than a year.

If we keep making progress towards our dreams and goals, we will eventually hit them. Just like the little engine that could.


A year is not some mystical number that all goals must be reached by. The year mark is just a train stop on your life journey.

We have full lives. Most of us can’t work on our goals 24-7.

So what goals have you made progress on last year? What do you think your life would look like if you continued working on them this year?

Your other choices are beating yourself up about not completing the goal yet, giving up, or making a myriad of excuses why it’s not possible. Yuck!


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If you are looking for a way to break down your goals and plan a simpler year you can check out my Simple Annual Plan



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  • Lura says:

    I agree that most of us can’t work on our goals 24/7. I think shows like “Biggest Loser” make us feel inferior for not being able to lose weight like the contestants do. But they are able to focus on just that for a certain period of time, no other “distractions”. No “real life”. I need to remind myself of that as I look forward to this year’s goals!

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