The Flood

Friday West Michigan got hit with a major thunderstorm. My family and I sat on our front porch watching the rescue workers help people that stalled or lost control on our flooded street. Police bracketed it  off so people couldn’t come down.


A nearby street that was washed out

Lightning was brilliant –  illuminating everything briefly. And the thunder boomed right after it. We knew the storm was right on top of us. We wondered at the power.

The water covered the street, then the sidewalk and was inching up the grass. My husband decided to check in back and discovered our backyard was a lake. He rushed downstairs and saw water leaking in. He quickly turned off the electricity to the basement and the gas.

We all raced and got what we could off the ground.

By morning we had 10 inches of rain in our basement. Besides a couple small laundry floods our basement has never flooded since we’ve moved in here in 1999. It ended up taking a day and 1/2 to pump the water out as we had to pump out the backyard too to keep it out of our basement.

We spent Sunday moving things outside to dry or get thrown out. We had a whole trailor of stuff that was ruined – boxes, the carpet, books, holiday decorations, papers. It actually felt good to get some of the lesser used things out of here. So we decluttered some more. My daughter let go of 3 garbage bags of craft stuff she had outgrown. More toys were put with the garage sale stuff and I got rid of even more paper.

It was not a cheap weekend – 2 pumps, a dehumidifier, putty for the concrete basement, shelving to keep everything off the floor, new filters and pizza since we were too tired to cook. Our lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower and other equipment were completely submerged in the shed. We are still waiting for them to completely dry to see if they work. And of course no flood insurance.

By the end though, our basement is going to be totally decluttered and a nicer place to be. Opportunity floods.